At All Pets Considered we have longed to establish a subscription box offering for our customers. Turns out the COVID 19 pandemic was just the shove we needed to get it rolling! Call it creativity under pressure or time finally to focus on a few projects on our "to-do" list -- either way, we are thrilled to introduce you to our Bonefactor Box for dogs and Generoskitty Box for cats. These boxes began officially in June 2020 with the first theme of "Build-a-Better Bowl" Box which incorporated fresh, whole food additions for your pets meals. Each month hosts a new theme that relates to either a holiday in the month or an assigned theme pertaining to a time of year.

The boxes are incredibly affordable at only $34.99 for single purchase or $29.99 for monthly subscription -- regularly stuffed with products with over $70 (or more) in value. These boxes are an excellent (and affordable) way to sample new items in our store with your pets. Not only are they a wonderful way to sample new items, these boxes give back to our community partner each month! A portion of the proceeds from each box is added into the funds given to our Round Up, Roundup partner.

If you have not yet tried out our Bonefactor and Generoskitty Boxes, this month is an awesome month to try them out! Each box is overflowing with Turkey offerings for your pet just in time for Thanksgiving. As an extra bonus, if you subscribe this month you will automatically have a December box reserved which will be available in limited amounts due to the significant value of each box (which will include an advent calendar for your pet and the value in product will be over $100). 

These boxes make EXCELLENT gifts -- you can purchase a subscription for a friend or family member...the gift that gives ALL YEAR LONG! Check them out and subscribe today!