In June 2019 the FDA released a warning for pet owners that sent shockwaves through the pet food community. A potential link between grain-free diets and a condition known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in pets. Although the announcement was shocking, sadly misinformation rampantly overtook the initial intent of the FDA, we saw customers flocking to our store to find foods that were grain-inclusive.  

We cautioned customers that if they were feeding grain-free, there might be a reason why and to not throw that caution to the wind when deciding between grain-free and grain-inclusive. After all, the initial sample group was extremely small (compared to dog ownership in the United States) and the information was unfounded even at the time of the FDA release. While we clearly understood that DCM is a severe and significant diagnosis, to the very caring pet owner the thought that they might unknowingly be creating a heart condition for their pet by feeding a diet they thought was best was a very scary feeling.  

After almost 2 years of studies and millions of dollars in research, the FDA has released a new statement that no link can be found and both grain-inclusive and grain-free diets are not connected to any increase in DCM cases. It is important to share this information with our customers as many saw the overall health of their pet decline after switching from the grain-free diets they had been told to fear.   

To read more -- FDA Finds No Evidence that Grain-Free Diets Cause Canine Heart Disease 

“The agency’s latest remarks and findings on DCM confirm that a grain-free diet provides safe and healthy nutrition, and that the risk factors for DCM relate to the dog’s unique health situation,” said Blaine McPeak, chief executive officer of Champion Petfoods. “Evidence shows that the absence of grains in a dog’s diet is not linked to the development of DCM, as the presence of grains in a dog’s diet does not prevent against DCM. We hope this brings clarity to pet lovers and gives them the confidence and trust to select the best diet for their dogs. "